Cyber bullying

Exposure to the cyber world may have helped children expand their mental horizons but it has many downsides,the latest being cyber bullying. A concerned government and industry stakeholders are now taking steps to spread awareness and educate people to stop this turning into another modernage malaise.                Child bullying is becoming bigger with every passing day. Earlier such bullying was restricted to the classrooms and playgrounds only,but things have changed and the whole digital world is a playground now. Those small instances of making fun in schools take a bigger proportion in the digital form and thus have a lot of negative impact on the child’s psychology.             specific workshops have been conducted for school children on making them aware about risks on Internet and adopting safe Internet browsing  practices. A  website called for children ,home users and elderly is available for safeguarding their computer systems and learning the risks on Internet. Children often share personal information on social network sites that may invite bigger troubles. Just like you lock your doors at night one should also log out of all social networking sites when they are not in use.                 We  should spread awareness about the issue among the people. Parents and teachers should be vigilant and protect children from cyber bullying.