Health tips


Nothing  tastes as good as healthy feels. Here are some health tips:                    *cuts and cracks in the nails may indicate your body needs more water.     *water with excessive salts can predispose you to hairloss and dandruff.       *Take deep breaths and blow mock balloons. It will protect you from unnecessary stress.            


*Eat small quantities more times a day.                           *Avoid too much coffee and tea as the caffeine can make your symptoms worse.                                      *warm milk can  soothe a sore throat.                            


Make sure you are hydrated with water. Being dehydrated can cause a decrease in your mental function.                                 Switching from a 12 inch dinner plate to a 10 inch one will cut your calorie intake by 20 percent.            A healthy outside starts from the inside. Set your mind and the body will follow.                                   


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