For The One I Love

The warmth of your smile,                                               The gentle touch of your hand,                                                                                     The kindness to comfort,                                                  The softness of your heart,                                                Makes my world revolve                                                     only around you and with you.                                                                                        My heart experiences only peace and gladness filled with contentment.

August 2014

This and That Continued

This was written in August to be translated for my column in the Swedish Goteborgs-Posten.

Some things are best met with silence. If I were to proceed with this month’s column in an honest way, it would be a blank page, without words. The imaginary blankness of the page represents the other blanknesses I have already created in my life, these past few weeks. A friend just phoned to talk to me about a mutual friend who sadly is very ill. We talk about how she will manage, what we can do, how although we know her and she is our friend, there are thousands, millions of others, also struck down with severe illness. We must bear them in mind, but our friend is our friend and her experience concerns us directly. When that conversation is done, my friend on the phone says, ‘I’m sure we don’t have to talk…

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Today we are enjoying the Internet with a traffic flow of nearly 200 petabytes per month. Earlier when we wanted to purchase the latest electronic gadget,we had to walk to a relevant shop and purchase it. Today a lot goes beyond mere shopping,the 21st century peeks into the mindset of normal people,trying to gauge what gives them more convenience. In this highly technological world we do not reach a shop to purchase a thing instead a shop comes under our finger tips with the mere click of a mouse. It is not just the matter of shopping but everything can be purchased from across the globe. Nowadays international bank transactions,railway booking and many more are conveniently doing online. With the advantages there comes a dangerous threat to Internet  world that is hacking. Hacking is a illegal magic tool to access computer system and its info without the implied permission of its owner. Hacking is a word coined by William Gipson in his novel Neuro Mancer in the year1984. Cyber crime is not defined in Indian penal code till 2008. In 2008 cyber laws introduced by the IT act provided severe punishments for people,who practice cyber hacking which are categorally of three sorts:                                                 A White hacker is a computer and network expert who attacks a security system on behalf of its owner or as a hobby,seeking  without adequate protection  that a malicious hacker could exploit. To protect against a white hacker,the system owner needs to fix the breach before it can be taken advantage of.                                                            A black hat is a person who compromises the security of a computer without permission from an authorised party,typically with malicious intent.                                                            A grey hat is a skilled hacker who sometime acts legally  and other times may not. They are a cross between white hack and black hat hackers,they usually do not hack for just personal gains but may at times be involved in big crimes.                                                                    There are different types of hacking. Some of them are:                                                                                         E-mail spoofing:-A spoofed E-mail may be said to be one, which misleads its origin. It shows its  origin to be different from which it actually originates.                                                        Online Gambling:- online fraud and cheating is one of the lucrative businesses that are growing intensively in today’s cyber space. There are many causes  that have come to light such as- credit card crimes,contractual crimes,offering jobs etc.                                                 Transmitting virus:-Viruses are  programs that attach themselves to a computer or a file and then circulate themselves to other files and to other computers on a network. They usually affect the data on a computer, either by altering or deleting it. Worm attacks play a major role in affecting the computerised system of the individuals.                                                                      Cyber stalking:- It means expressed or implied physical threat that creates fear through the use of computer technology such as Internet,e-mails,phones, text messages,webcam,websites or videos.                                                                          Cyber Terrorism:- cyber terrorism is a major issue in the domestic as well as global arena. The common form of terrorist attacks on the Internet is by creating terror by circulating terrorism threats,hate websites and hate e-mails,attacks on sensitive computer networks etc. Cyber terrorism activities endanger the sovereignty  and integrity of the nation.                                                  Hackers are not criminals by birth but situations instigate them to make money through illegal ways. The government should try to change the catchment area of hackers rather than just punishing the hackers,to destroy the crime rate from its roots.

Cyber bullying

Exposure to the cyber world may have helped children expand their mental horizons but it has many downsides,the latest being cyber bullying. A concerned government and industry stakeholders are now taking steps to spread awareness and educate people to stop this turning into another modernage malaise.                Child bullying is becoming bigger with every passing day. Earlier such bullying was restricted to the classrooms and playgrounds only,but things have changed and the whole digital world is a playground now. Those small instances of making fun in schools take a bigger proportion in the digital form and thus have a lot of negative impact on the child’s psychology.             specific workshops have been conducted for school children on making them aware about risks on Internet and adopting safe Internet browsing  practices. A  website called for children ,home users and elderly is available for safeguarding their computer systems and learning the risks on Internet. Children often share personal information on social network sites that may invite bigger troubles. Just like you lock your doors at night one should also log out of all social networking sites when they are not in use.                 We  should spread awareness about the issue among the people. Parents and teachers should be vigilant and protect children from cyber bullying.               

A Letter to New Mothers

The Interior Life

I’ve got several friends who are expecting, or have recently welcomed, their first babies this year. Whenever I think of them, I have an instant flashback to my first week home with Claire, which is blurred at the edges with the ungodly sleep deprivation that comes with the gift of parenthood.

I would not say that I handled the adjustment well. I remember my mother-in-law calling me “unflappable,” and my own mother saying how wonderfully laid back I seemed, but this was either a great ruse on my part or it was simply their interpretation of what I remember as a feeling of utter overwhelm.

After talking with two friends this week who now live farther away from me than I would like, I was also reminded of the blessed kindness extended to me as a new mother. These two women – one, the mother of two, and the other…

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Black money

India is in 14th place in exports in world market whereas in black money exports  India is in 5th place. Government and supreme court us taking stiff measures on the black money  issue. Special Investigation team(SIT) is investigating the matter. Yearly 1,13000 crores of black money is crossing the  country. About 31.4lakh crores of black money is in foreign banks. Black money is a serious threat to Indian economy. Government has to take tough measures in tackling this and getting the black money back and the supreme court must punish the culprits without any further delay. I sincerely hope we get the black money back and use it to eradicate poverty in India.

Capsule Review (Song): “Perpeteual Burn” Jason Becker

Welcome to the Music Club


Pack up your stuff folks, let us go on a music journey.  We shall meet the great neo-classical guitarist Jason Becker, one who is high and mighty with fantastic music skills.  Becker being a fan of rock classics like Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, and Eddie Van Halen, this definetiley shows his shredding capabilities. The use of arpreggios is such he presents in “Perpetual Burn,” second track off his first solo album “Perpetual Burn.”   With the onset of being diagonosed with Lou Gherig’s disease, this would not stop Becker from makiing music. Showcasing his speed on the six string instrument, true work with former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman would pay off, making this tune stand out.  [A]

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Health tips


Nothing  tastes as good as healthy feels. Here are some health tips:                    *cuts and cracks in the nails may indicate your body needs more water.     *water with excessive salts can predispose you to hairloss and dandruff.       *Take deep breaths and blow mock balloons. It will protect you from unnecessary stress.            


*Eat small quantities more times a day.                           *Avoid too much coffee and tea as the caffeine can make your symptoms worse.                                      *warm milk can  soothe a sore throat.                            


Make sure you are hydrated with water. Being dehydrated can cause a decrease in your mental function.                                 Switching from a 12 inch dinner plate to a 10 inch one will cut your calorie intake by 20 percent.            A healthy outside starts from the inside. Set your mind and the body will follow.                                   



My dear friend, for all the times I never said the things I should have, I thank you for all the times you understood it.I had some unforgettable fun, sad and happy memories. As we grow up,we realize it is less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones. A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are looking happy.
Real friends don’t judge each other. True friendships may experience rough waters but they never sink. Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier. Whatever happens real friends believe in you. In friendship we can afford to lose argument but we can’t afford to lose our friends. We can’t imagine our lives without our best  friends. Our best friends understand better than anyone else. A good friend  will be with you till the end.


True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable. Friends are God’s way of  apologising to us for our families. Friends let you know that you are not alone on the road of life. Friends doesn’t need any explanations from you. A good friend shares the good times and stands by you in the bad times. Friends makes us laugh when we couldn’t smile. The best part  our life is when our family becomes our friends and our friends becomes our family.